our story

REIN Labs was setup with a pure Nationalistic view of being an organization that helped address key issues that are plaguing the growth of India.

We realised that we as a society have stopped investing in Fundamental Research and stopped focusing on Innovation as growth levers. We aren’t any more creating products services or solutions out of our innovations that solve global or local problems, we seem to be only copy pasting and editing global innovations and applying them to our society.

We therefore named ourselves REIN Labs (Re: stands for Research; In: Innovation and Incubation; Labs: stands for being a place of experimentation).

As our first mission we are working on providing assistance to Graduate and Post Grad colleges in the area of Navi Mumbai by way of a co-curricular program that we run to manage their Enterpreneur Development Cell. As part of the same we :

  • Orient students in their 1st year to use up their graduate school time doing projects, prototypes and products addressing real life social problems
  • Give projects to college teams interested in developing solutions
  • Mentor student teams in systematics experimentation and converting their prototypes/solutions to Minimum viable products
  • Mentor students to take their ideas and products to becoming successful businesses  
  • Partner teachers in taking up research projects and involving students in the same
  • Partner investors convert their ideas to businesses
  • Become the connecting agency that helps industry and education institutions solve each other problems
  • Create the environment within education institutes that encourages and rewards students involved in research innovation and incubation

We realize this is a very long journey which is low on rewards and will need a relentless effort in driving this change, however we are hopeful that once we can change the environment within a few key colleges in this education hub of Navi Mumbai and ensure successful incubations and innovations start coming out of this place. We will become a template case to be replicated across India’s education hubs on how to encourage innovation centric grad and post grad education delivers quality students and startups delivering solutions that matter.

Lately a lot of activity is being witness in India in the startup scene leading to many organizations creating incubators and organizing funds.

Unfortunately the real gap exists in the pre-incubation training and mentoring space. The result is we are not getting at the required scale quality ideas, teams and products to serve the India’s needs. A massive pre-incubation stage effort for creating an environment and capability is needed in the graduate colleges to address this. We are onto this journey in a small locus and are looking for encouragement from society to help us pace this up.

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our TEAm

Saurabh Sinha

Founder & Managing Partner

A serial social entrepreneur, Saurabh is passionate about rekindling the spirit of Innovation in people to enable them solve social challenges.

Piyush Ramteke

Head Support Systems

After working for multi corporations for several years, Piyush left it all behind to start-up his own company. Today he oversees “people” functions, primarily talent acquisition & strategy.

Shajith Maniyath

Director technology

Experienced Director Of Technology with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry.

Our Partner

Ciba is a technology business incubator based in Goa and Mumbai supporting and nurturing startup companies by providing services such as incubation, modern office spaces, mentoring, networking opportunities, seed funding and rapid prototyping. We were Agnel Entrepreneurship Development Institute, founded in 2000, an organization with an integral role in catalysing the entrepreneurial movement in Goa. By supporting over 5000+ entrepreneurs, we have highlighted Goa`s reputation as a destination for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. We will be India’s most sought after Technology Business Incubator committed to growing a collaborative entrepreneurial network by providing a one stop support system for start-ups and transforming Goa as a hub for innovation.


MBP Mahape, Kopar Khairane, T.T.C. Industrial Area, Sector 2, Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400710

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